Dennis McAvoy - Carpentry

Job > Career > Passion!

Job > Career > Passion!

Dennis McAvoy - Carpentry


    Fine Carpentry ~  built-ins, millwork, cabinets

    Decks ~ Low Level

Project Assistant

Collaboration with other contractors ~

“Ground Person,”  shop drawings, specifications, material take-offs, calculations and layouts

“A journey of a thousand miles 

begins with a single step.”

Fifty - Five Years of Experience

1968 - 1978

1978 - 1979

1979 - 2001

James McAvoy Construction

Dennis started out at the age of 17 working for his older brother Jim’s residential framing  company.

Dennis McAvoy Construction

Dennis broke away from exclusively doing framing to pursue a finer branch of carpentry - trim and cabinets.

McAvoy Construction

Jim and Dennis joined together for 22 years of remodeling and restoration.

2002 - 2007

The McAvoy brothers were involved with NARI for many years and Dennis became CJNARI’s executive director

 on a part - time basis.


2002 -2010

Taking off some “hats” and cutting back on long commutes, Dennis went to work for Robert Preston Schomp.

Preston J. Schomp & Son


Dennis McAvoy - Carpentry

Moving to New Freedom, Pennsylvania, Dennis is back on his own doing fine carpentry.


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Dennis McAvoy - Carpentry

4 East Main Street   Apt C

POB 571

New Freedom  PA 17349

“ Dennis, can you help us?”